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Oh Really? [Trance] Oh Really? [Trance]

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I would like some more of this, in a longer mix, please???
lol, just joking, it's maybe impossible here...
I love it, thank you for sharing!

Or4nges responds:

Hmm, I might :P I know there's a few parts in there that could have been expanded on.

You never know, it could happen haha.

Fairweather Friend [Trance] Fairweather Friend [Trance]

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A Big Thanks!!!

For sharing this awesome track, I really am very into Melodic Trance and I am very glad to have this one...
Thanks ;)

Or4nges responds:

No problem! I love it when people enjoy my stuff haha.

If you like this, be sure to check out my other trance songs, they're all equally as melodic :)

Skyscape Fantasy Skyscape Fantasy

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Wow, Awesome...

I love this, sertainly downloading, thanks for sharing!!!

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CMG-UTOPIA-2008 responds:

thanx, glad you like :)

~ The Forgotten Trance ~ [CAT] ~ The Forgotten Trance ~ [CAT]

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Wow, I like this alot...thanks for sharing, you made this TranceMommy

Catstuffer responds:

your welcome!

Thanks for reviewing